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Self-employed worker means a craftsman, trader, industrialist or intellectual worker exercising his/her profession under his/her own name. Self-employed workers are thus distinct from business enterprises. In both cases, a permit may be needed to begin a commercial activity in the craft sector, industry or commerce, to start providing commercial services and by certain professionals (architects, specialist engineers, surveyors, chartered accountants and economic advisers). This permit is issued by the Ministère des Classes Moyennes [Ministry of Small Firms and Traders] and is called an ‘authorisation d’établissement’ [permit to set up business]. Checks must be made on the applicant’s professional reputation and genuine entrepreneurial capacity before it can be issued. These checks only cover the applicant’s professional reputation in terms of honest commercial practice. Therefore, only failings in this particular regard will be penalised. Persons in regulated professions such as doctors or lawyers also require a permit, issued in this case by the Ministry concerned. Anyone wishing to set up a business or planning to work as a self-employed worker is recommended to contact the professional chamber concerned (Chambre de Commerce [Chamber of Commerce], Chambre des Métiers [Chamber of Skilled Trades] or Chambre d’agriculture [Chamber of Agriculture]) for all the formalities involved in company start-ups/setting up.

State aid: Financial assistance may be provided by the Ministère des Classes Moyennes [Ministry of Small Firms and Traders] pursuant to the law of 30 June 2004 creating a general framework for state aid schemes for the small firms and traders sector, and by the Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement Luxembourg (SNCI) [National Credit and Investment Bank of Luxembourg]. A ‘Mutualité de Cautionnement’ (MCAC) [mutual company for loan guarantees] can also act as a guarantor. As this is not an exhaustive list, you are advised to seek information from the bodies concerned with these matters.

Grants for jobseekers wishing to set up a company: The grant is equivalent to the amount of unemployment benefit the jobseeker would be eligible to receive during the six months following creation of the company. It is reserved for certain categories of unemployed persons. Applications should be sent to the Labour Ministry at the latest one month after activity commences, under penalty of foreclosure.

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